Not New York, Not Pennsylvania, (because they are fat), Proud to be New Jersey, the state that’s in the best shape of the three! The latest study on obesity is out and New Jersey is in the best shape in the tri-state area!


In a recent study on adult obesity done by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), New Jerseyians proved to be in the better shape than both New Yorkers and Pennsylvanians!

The rankings, which broke down by state the percentage of residents living there who are considered obese, revealed that 23.7% of people living in the Garden state are considered extremely overweight, compared to 24.5% in New York and 28.6 living in Pennsylvania.

New Jersey ranked at #47 out of 50, with #50 being the least obese, while New York came in at #43. Pennsylvania lagging behind (with their lagging behinds) at 20 out of 50.

To see the results of the study, click here.