A Mahwah gym owner has pleaded guilty to falsifying documents and medical forms to the State's Athletic Control Board in an attempt to thwart regulations regarding Amateur Mixed Martial Arts (AMMA) contestants so that his fighters could compete without undergoing mandatory physical exams or medical tests.

Philip Dunlap, 49, a trainer and owner of Advanced Fighting Systems pleaded guilty today to tampering with public records or information.

Dunlap admitted that from 2007 to 2011 he submitted false or forged documents including medical forms and consent to fight forms to the board, the NJ Office of the Attorney General reports.

AMMA is a full-contact sport where contestants use striking and grappling techniques from a variety of other contact sports. In New Jersey, the state regulates the fighters, promoters and trainers as a condition of participation.

The falsified medical forms certified that a doctor had examined Dunlap's fighters and gave them medical clearance to participate in AMMA contests.

An investigation revealed that the fighters did not receive the physicals and that the doctors didn't sign the medical forms. Also, the investigation found that the fighters themselves didn't sign the consent forms.

“The State Athletic Control Board’s main concern will always be the health and safety of the combative sport competitor, and the integrity of the contest,” said SACB Commissioner Aaron Davis.  “We are committed to working jointly with the Division of Criminal Justice in stopping the fraudulent submission of medical forms to the State of New Jersey.  Every trainer investigated and arrested for this type of crime enables us to further uphold the integrity of the sport.”