It's time to put a stop to this. No one benefits from us holding up our cell phones in any capacity at a concert. No photo or video you take of a live performance is going to be nearly as enjoyable as seeing it with your own two eyes. A lot of us are active on social media and I, like many others, enjoy sharing photos from concerts, sporting events etc. That's why I want to propose the one photo per concert rule.

Here's how it works for me in three easy steps:

Step one: Take one photo or video of the performance in the beginning and make it my Snapchat Story.
Step two: Save it to my photo album.
Step three: Post it on social media during a beer break song or after the show concludes.

Not everyone uses Snapchat, so this can even be simplified to two steps.

After this is completed, you can enjoy the rest of the show. We pay good money to see our favorite acts perform in front of us. That beer you bought while you were finding a good Instagram filter (never choose Kelvin) for your concert photo cost you $8.00. Enjoy every moment of it!

What are your biggest concert pet peeves? Share yours in the comment section below.