Stories of independent restaurants eliminating the process of tipping your servers pop up every now and then. When it occurs in the tri-state area, it sparks up a debate on the Deminski & Doyle Show. Workers from all parts of the restaurant industry call in and defend tipping and why doing away with tips can lead to a lot of problems. Today, Joe's Crab Shack announced that they will become the first national chain to eliminate tipping altogether.

According to CNBC, servers, hosts and bartenders for the Ignite Restaurant Group owned Joe's Crab Shack are now paid higher, fixed, hourly wages. CEO Raymond Blanchette claims traditional tipping methods are antiquated and foster an overly competitive environment for workers.

Read more of the CNBC article here.

I'm not a server or a bartender, but I can't imagine those who are think this is a good idea. What's wrong with a competitive work environment? It's a dog eat dog world out there and our servers should be getting rewarded for standing out from the pack.

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