I was leaving work last night and I heard a typical sound of summer. Cicadas. Or at least I think I did.

Is this a cicada? (Jeff Deminski, Townsquare Media NJ)

Then as I'm walking along the sidewalk that runs in front of our building I notice it's littered with quite a few dead bugs. I'm pretty certain these were cicadas, but I've never seen one up close and certainly never saw a bunch of them dead for no apparent reason.

So I took this picture. This is a cicada, right? I just want someone to confirm I'm not going crazy and this isn't some Ridley Scott movie come to life. Why would there be half a dozen of them lying there dead like that? Apologies if bugs freak you out, but if they do you probably didn't click on this to begin with.

Speaking of getting freaked out by bugs, have you ever been to the south and seen Palmetto bugs? These things are basically glorified cockroaches. And they're huge.

I've seen Palmetto bugs in Georgia so big one could fill my palm. Disgusting. So I'll take a cicada any day. Just tell me that's what these really are.

If you can tell Jeff exactly what these bugs are, tweet us @NJ1015 or comment below.

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