By Bill Doyle

New research from Columbia University suggests the effects of soda on young children is making them violent and short-tempered.

According to Daily Mail,

A study found that boys and girls who had four soft drinks a day were more than twice as likely to get into fights, destroy others’ possessions and physically attack people, compared with those who drank other beverages.

The sugar-laden drinks were linked with moodiness and difficulty in concentrating. The girls were as bad as the boys and the more soft drinks a child had, the worse their behavior.

I was lucky. It just so happened that all three of my kids did not like the taste of soda. I never had to deal with the effects it. If they did like soda, however, I would have a problem constantly giving them bottles of it, not only because of what Daily Mail suggests, but because it isn't all that healthy to begin with.

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