There are some children who never have a shot at having a good life; there’s one such case from Tennessee. Prosecutors there allege that a couple forced the man’s five year old daughter to drink over two liters of grape soda, as well as water, as punishment for drinking the stepmom’s soda.

The massive intake of liquids caused the little girl’s brain to swell and rupture, killing her. The couple is charged with murdering the girl.

What makes this story even sadder is that, according to another report the girl had just moved to Tennessee three months earlier to live with her biological father after there were neglect accusations at her previous home, believed to be with her mother. The poor little girl was vomiting, shaking, and wetting herself, and still the monsters didn’t take her to the hospital for another two hours, after she had collapsed, paralyzed and unconscious. Two days later, she was pronounced brain dead. A grand jury returned indictments agains the father and step-mother charging each with first degree murder, two counts of aggravated child neglect, and child abuse. Tennessee has a law that says when a child dies due to abuse, it is first degree murder.