Dennis and Judi were discussing alimony reform today (12/12) and how messed up the judicial process is in NJ for residents forced to pay alimony.

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Dennis and Judi both agreed that the alimony system as is, cannot be sustained and Dennis even likened our alimony system to creating indentured servants since many men are stuck paying their ex -wives for the majority of the rest of their lives. Judi said that as a woman, its offensive to her that other women, in certain circumstances, just receive a check for absolutely nothing.

Dennis and Judi also spoke to a caller, Bill from Morristown who discussed the case of NJ resident John Waldorf who is unfortunately stuck in jail going on eight weeks now because he cannot afford to pay NJ alimony. Waldorf also has no money for a lawyer so he has to represent himself in court this coming Friday. How is that productive by keeping Waldorf in jail just because he can no longer afford to pay alimony? Where is the sense in that?

You can listen to that specific call with John Waldorf's difficult story and the planned protest on Friday in Flemington in the audio player below.

Bill from Morristown referenced a website where you can learn more about alimony reform in NJ. The website is NJ Alimony and you can check out the site by clicking HERE.