The mission to change alimony laws in the Garden State has reached a critical time according to NJ Alimony Reform, the group that started the movement about two years ago. They say there's a committee hearing in Trenton this Monday November 25th at 10am. If those who want real reform don't bother taking the day off work or rearranging appointments to make the trip, don't expect anything to happen. NJ Alimony Reform urges all who believe in their cause to show up this Monday earlier than 10 am so they can convene ahead of time. They ask you to dress business like and wear a discrete red ribbon pinned to a lapel, or red necktie for men or red scarf for ladies to show solidarity.

The state house is located at 125 West State Street, Trenton, NJ 08608. There are several parking garages and meter parking on State Street. Enter through the front door of the state house and be prepared to go through a metal detector. Obtain a visitor pass by showing your photo ID. Ask security to direct you to the Assembly Judiciary Committee Room.