If you've wanted to reach out to the Governor with a concern or for advice on a certain issue, but figured it would be a waste of time, think again. Governor Chris Christie shared some staggering numbers with a town hall crowd Thursday in Springfield.

Since taking office in January 2010, through the end of this past March, Christie's office received 366,000 letters and e-mails. The Governor said his office has responded to 360,000 - more than 98 percent.

Christie said his staff looks at every letter and talks to the officials in charge of each topic, as to best formulate a response.

Christie said he also brings mail home from work each night, 15 to 25 letters that he reads personally.

"With those, I'll often handwrite my responses back," Christie explained.

How can your letter get into that special bunch? Christie said there's no real formula. His staff tries to give Christie the best sample of what people are writing about.

Christie joked, though, "If you are a high school classmate of mine, that always gets you in."


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