Last night's snow was terrible to drive in...but it sure looked nice! Especially with my neighbors' Christmas Lights blazing!

"Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!" Bob's display is on the left, Pat on the right. (Craig Allen photo)

My neighbors, "FedEx Pat" and "Cornershow Bob" have been lighting up the neighborhood for the last few years, in a friendly Christmas Lights Competition.

As you can see, the displays "sparkle" in the snow! (to see the lights without snow, click here).

Approaching Pat's festive display... (Craig Allen photo)

"FedEx Pat" and "Mrs. FedEx Jen" put up their display over the Thanksgiving weekend...

Santa's reindeer (center) is BRIGHT in the night snow! (Craig Allen photo)

...and that is how it stays right through Christmas Day.

The "Seasons' Greetings" sign is snow covered...but heartfelt! (Craig Allen photo)

On the other hand...down the street..."Cornershow Bob" and "Mrs Cornershow Ginny" keep adding to their Christmas Lights Display...

Approaching Bob's festive display, on the "corner." (Craig Allen photo)

...right up to the BIG DAY!

As a matter of fact, if you look closely at the above the left side, you can see a ladder propped up against a tree. "Cornershow" must not be afraid of heights!

One of Santa's "helpers" to the left...reindeer in the stable, to the right! (Craig Allen photo)
JOY! (Craig Allen photo)

Each holiday season, Bob and Pat "string up the lights."

This is something the whole neighborhood looks forward to!

And, while it may be "FedEX" and "Cornershow's" competition...

"FedEx Pat" and "Cornershow Bob" taking a break from their "light" work! (Craig Allen photo)

...WE, the viewers are truly the WINNERS...

...thanks to THEIR hard work, dedication, and joyous holiday spirits!

I gotta run...literally...the snow plow is headed my way! (Craig Allen photo)

Merry Ho-Ho Christmas!!