Like neighborhood becomes a lot more festive-looking, right after Thanksgiving weekend!

That's when Christmas lights start popping up across New Jersey...and two of my neighbors take this holiday tradition to a whole new level!

(If you missed last weekend's "set-up" photos, click here!)

"FedEX Pat" and "Cornershow Bob"...the guys with all the lights! (Craig Allen photo)

"Cornershow Bob" and "FedEX Pat" light up the night sky...and the cars drive by.

"Cornershow" in the distance, to the left..."FedEX" closer, on the right. (Craig Allen photo)

"Cornershow Bob" keeps adding to his display, right up to December 25th...

"FedEx Pat" strings up the lights the weekend after Turkey Day...and that is it. No additions.

FedEX Pat's house...with the star on the roof! You saw the star in the set-up article last Sunday. (Craig Allen photo)
Pat's deer and manger, in the front yard. (Craig Allen photo)

And, lets not forget the jolly guy in the red suit (no, NOT Big Joe!)...

It's "Ho-Ho-Ho!" (Craig Allen photo)
The snowman is new this year...but does he sing like Burl Ives? (Craig Allen photo)

And, here's the "shooting star!"

"Shooting Star" crossing the night sky! (Craig Allen photo)

Meanwhile, down the street...

The "Cornershow," partially lit on Wednesday night...(Craig Allen photo)

"Cornershow Bob" is adding to his display...daily!

"Saturday Night Lights." (Craig Allen photo)
The reindeer stable (only a portion seen here) is new for 2013! (Craig Allen photo)
Another angle...(Craig Allen photo)
More lights..."stage left!" (Craig Allen photo)
Waiting for Santa! (Craig Allen photo)

Above, is Santa's landing strip...alert Bob Williams in the "Santa Tracking Station!" "Cornershow Bob's" front yard! (Craig Allen photo)

Each Christmas season, "FedEX Pat" and "Cornershow Bob" put JOY...the holiday spirit...on display!

Their "friendly competition" is something our whole neighborhood looks forward to each year!

And, I'm pleased to once again share their JOY with you, here at!

Merry Christmas! (Craig Allen photo)

Did I mention that PSE&G gives thanks, too....