It's the tail end of the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend...and in my neighborhood that can mean only one thing...

New to "Cornershow Bob's" display for 2013! (Craig Allen photo)

Its ON!

I've been writing about the "friendly" Christmas Lights competition in my neighborhood for 3 years now, on its been "on" for longer than that...

...this is something the whole neighborhood looks forward to all year...

Buddies! "FedEx Pat" and "Cornershow Bob." (Craig Allen photo)

Each season, my neighbors "FedEx Pat" and "Cornershow Bob" string up the lights!

And, its truly something to behold!

Its coming together at FedEX Pat's place...wait til dark...! (Craig Allen photo)

FedEX Pat (and Mrs. FedEx Jen) put up the whole display in one weekend...and that is the way it stays through Christmas Day...

Hope you're not afraid of heights, Bob! (Craig Allen photo)

On the other hand, while Cornershow Bob (and Mrs. Cornershow Ginny) put up a majority of their display this afternoon...they will add more lights right up to Christmas Day! Its a continual "evolution."

Hoisting up the lights! (Craig Allen photo)

As both displays progressed through this afternoon, passing cars would slow down to watch (or, more accurately "gawk").

Looking the lights being "hoisted" above! (Craig Allen photo)

Wouldn't YOU?

Mrs. FedEx Jen string up the lights...ignoring me. (Craig Allen photo)

And, yes, displays of this size take time to plan...and more than a few hours to put up!

Securing the "shooting star!" (Craig Allen photo)

This evening, as darkness enveloped the Great Garden State (and I jumped in my car to head into New Jersey 101.5), both teams were still at it!

This deer is more night... (Craig Allen photo)

"Stay tuned" to see the displays in all their night-time glory!

It will be...AMAZING!

Feliz Navidad! (Craig Allen photo)