NJ101.5 has partnered with local animal rescue organizations EASEL Animal Rescue League, Friends of EMAS (Edison Municipal Animal Shelter) and Imagine Pet Rescue to feature adoptable local pets in need of homes. Help us find these pets homes by sharing this information with family members and friends who may be interested in adopting a shelter pet.

Adopt Emi

Emi (Photo courtesy of Friends of EMAS)

Emi is a beautiful, sweet and playful teenage cat. She was brought to the Edison Municipal Animal Shelter as a young kitten and has spent her entire life at the shelter. Emi was the cutest little puffball and everyone who saw her wanted to adopt her when she was a kitten. In fact, at one point she had five adoption requests. But when she tested positive for Feline Leukemia (FeLV) no one wanted this adorable kitten any longer.

Emi is now 8 months old and is a healthy, beautiful teenage cat who carries the FeLV virus. She has a thick, glossy fur coat and has not displayed any symptoms of disease. She has remained remarkably healthy in her kennel through her many months living at the shelter. She has been re-tested for FeLV, and the IFA test result was positive. She should be tested again at a year old. FeLV cats can have a good quality of life, but they do have shorter life spans than non-FeLV cats. But there are no life span guarantees with any cat you may adopt.

The health of an FeLV cat does need to be monitored for any signs of illness and must be treated promptly by a vet. At this time, we feel that Emi can have a happy life with a kind-hearted family who is willing to give this cat a chance to live in a loving home. Emi is spayed, FIV negative and up-to-date on her vaccinations. To learn more about FeLV in cats, please click here.

If you're interested in meeting Emi or fostering/adopting her, please email us at EAS@edisonnj.org. You can see more adoptable cats from Friends of EMAS here or download a PDF copy of the application form here.

Adopt Yara

Yara (Photo courtesy of EASEL)

Yara is about 6 years ago and she loves to play and cuddle. She's a mixed breed that looks and acts like she has a combination of Labrador Retrieve and German Shepherd in her. Her name means best friend in Hindi and she is looking for her best friend. Yara loves to nap and look out the window while she's home alone. She loves a good walk and a game of fetch. Yara is fully trained and loves to do tricks for treats. She also loves to swim and will retrieve just about anything out of the water, especially if she gets to take a running leap off a dock!

Yara is very smart and loves to learn new things. She is crate trained and knows all the basic commands. She lets her owners cut her nails, clean her ears and brush her teeth. She's very adaptable and quite happy spending her days inside, but will never pass up a good walk. Yara lives with a female German Shepherd and gets along well with her, but she can be wary of other dogs. She also lives with two other cats, and gets along with them just fine.

Yara hasn't been around kids very much and small ones make her nervous. It would be best for her to live in a house with adults or teenagers. She loves to be outside, so a home with a fenced-in yard would be ideal.  Yara's parents need to move overseas, and can't take her on the plane with them, so that's why she needs a new home.

If you’re interested in learning more about Yara or to schedule a visit, email her owner at martha.dutton@gmail.com. Find more of EASEL’s adoptable dogs and puppies here or download a PDF copy of the application form here.

Adopt Tiffany

Tiffany (Photo courtesy of Friends of EMAS)

Tiffany is as beautiful and sparkly as a rare gem from a jewelry store! Her shiny coat is a rich, caramel color with a white chest and the cutest little pink chin. And, what a precious jewel she is! Tiffany is a happy-go-lucky girl who loves life and is a joy to be around. She will put you in a good mood even on the gloomiest of days. She has a wonderful personality with a sweet innocence about her. Tiffany is well-adjusted and has a very good disposition, even though she came in as a stray. She is curious about her surroundings and walks very nicely on a leash. Tiffany is a delightful, young girl with the right amount of pep in her step. She knows some basic commands and is very attentive. She would do very well with daily exercise, training, creative mental stimulation, play, long walks, love and relaxing time with her new family.

If you're interested in meeting Tiffany or fostering/adopting her, please email us at EAS@edisonnj.org. You can see more adoptable dogs from Friends of EMAS here or download a PDF copy of the application form here.

Adopt Skittles

Skittles (Photo courtesy of EASEL)

Skittles is the perfect name for the sweetest cat you will ever meet! She is a super friendly, quiet girl who came to the shelter after her owner had to be hospitalized. Skittles is a young girl, probably no more than a year old. She is spayed and current on her shots. She loves to be pet and will show her happiness by rolling around and purring.

To schedule a visit to meet Skittles, please email kitty@easelnj.org or call 609-883-0540. You can find more of EASEL’s adoptable cats and kittens here, or download a PDF copy of the application form here.

Adopt Tomo

Tomo (Photo courtesy of Imagine Pet Rescue)

Tomo is a 1-year-old Balbari from Korea. He was saved from the meat markets of Korea where the Balbari breed is frequently used as a food source. He weighs about 12 pounds and isn't expected to get any bigger. Tomo loves toys, especially rope tug toys. He also loves to give kisses and can't pass up a good belly rub. Tomo gets along with both dogs and cats. He is neutered and up-to-date on all his shots.

To schedule a visit to meet Tomo, please email adopt@imaginepetrescue.org or call 904-571-0455. Imagine Pet Rescue is a foster network and doesn't currently list their dogs on Petfinder, but you can find a list of adoptable dogs by clicking here.