Once again those lovable, madcap scamps at the Elizabeth Board of Education have come thru with a laugh just when we need it to help lift us out of the post-storm funk.

A Superior Court Judge ordered one past and one present Board member to reimburse the Board some 63 thousand dollars she judged misspent on personal matters, But the Board says no thanks! "The BOE does not even want the money".

And it's actually fighting in court to protect their colleagues from having to carry out the Court's order and return the 63 grand. This clique sticks together. Of course, it never occurred to them that the 63 big ones and other funds at their disposal is the taxpayers' money, not their personal stash. But, "What? Them worry? Not all. Members have been quoted as saying, "we supported the Governor. We can get away with anything." So far, looks like they were right.