Ok so he wasn't talking specifically about Jersey pizza, but the best pizza in the world comes from Jersey/NYC so it's the same thing. First the back story.

Gudni Thorlacius is the president of Iceland. Thorlacius in late February joked about implementing a ban on pineapple pizza when he was talking with high school students. Twitter and other outlets went nuts with it. That's where Hell's Kitchen chef Gordon Ramsay comes in. Recently he hosted the U.K.'s The Nightly Show and an audience member, no doubt fueled by the silly Thorlacius story, brought up ordering pineapple pizza.

Check out Ramsay's profanity laced response in these NSFW tweets.

So there you have it. Forget your Hawaiian pizza. Pineapple does NOT belong on pizza. Gordon Ramsay himself said it. End of story.

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