Political correctness just wouldn't have it.

Even though this raccoon infestation comparison has gone around the internet for quite some time now, when Mendham Twp Deputy Mayor Rick Blood repeated it on Facebook the world seemed to implode and the p.c. police came out in droves. First he felt forced to apologize for it. By late Monday night he turned in his resignation over it. Should he have?

First of all, have you actually read what he wrote? You should. Because he was slamming politicians from the Republican and Democratic parties as much as he was illegal immigrants. In defending Donald Trump and explaining why people elected him, he slammed Trump a number of times too. All this is, in my opinion, being overlooked. People became hyper focused on one thing.

He had the audacity to compare illegal immigrants to raccoons.

Step back and look at what he was really saying. He was never trying to say these immigrants are animals. He compares the United States to your home. He makes the comparison that if something goes wrong with your home, if there are unwelcome, unintended beings that have gotten into your home where they don't belong, you want the problem solved. Did it help that it is phrased 'rabid, messy, mean raccoons have overtaken your basement'? No, of course not. But the nature of analogies is that they are abstractions to prove a point.

Blood's detractors have called it "divisive" and "dehumanizing rhetoric." Well of course they have, because it serves their better interest to take it literally. Is there any denying that illegal immigration has brought problems? Do they all pay taxes? No. Some certainly do, but some certainly don't pay income taxes. Are we having a failure to assimilate issue with a lot of illegals? Yes, we are. A language barrier? Yes, we are. (Which ends up being, of course, divisive.) Is it right that illegals get to pay in state tuition at state schools like Rutgers when they're not even supposed to be in this country, and now we have many clamoring for financial assistance to boot? No, it isn't. So when you read rabid, messy and mean, I don't think anyone was literally saying illegals are animals with rabies. I believe the impure analogy was to say illegals have come into our country and there are associated problems with that. Does anyone understand the concept of figurative speech?

He also says some very unflattering things about Trump in explaining why someone of such character could have been elected. Take a look at the entire post, not just one line about raccoons that activists want you to read. Then take our poll below and let us know if you think the Deputy Mayor needed to quit over this.

Former Deputy Mayor Rick Blood's now deleted Facebook rant (Facebook, Rick Blood)

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