While many continue to applaud the crassness of Donald Trump for eschewing political correctness, I'd like to highlight Carly Fiorina's own bold statement in last night's debate.

Top-tier Republican presidential candidates were asked who they would put on the soon-to-be redesigned $10 bill. And while each man pointed to historical female figures (except those who suggested their wives or mothers), the sole lady on stage said she wouldn't put a woman on the new design at all.

To her, putting a woman's face on paper is a political gesture, not actual change. Hear it in her own words below.

I'll confess that I am among those who don't care whether a woman makes it on America's money. While I appreciate special edition coins featuring females, I've never taken the absence of ladies on our dollars as something representative of discrimination.

That said, I think Fiorina's answer beat the boys' responses because she highlighted the underlying issue that is propelling this movement: special interest groups. It's as if no one feels validated any more unless the government recognizes their identity (or in other cases, what they choose to identify with most).

Do you think Carly's response beat the boys' answers, or did she miss the mark? Would you like to see a woman on some U.S. cash? Tell me what you think in the poll and comments section below.

Kira Buxton is producer of The Jim Gearhart Show and a professional photographer-videographer. You can reach her at kira.buxton@townsquaremedia.com.