During the 12 o'clock hour, we asked our listeners to pick New Jersey's dubious distinctions. While we don't necessarily agree with all of them, we got a ton of responses for our listeners.

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What exactly is a dubious distinction? It's basically like your high school superlatives such as best looking or worst driver, but applying this to towns and counties in the Garden State.

Take a look at the full list from our listeners below:

  • Town with the best looking women - Hoboken
  • Laziest town - Browns Mills
  • Friendliest town - Seargantsville
  • Filthiest town - Lakewood
  • Wealthiest town - Alpine
  • Oldest town - Whiting
  • Biggest party town - New Brunswick
  • Police ticket happy town - Old Bridge
  • Smartest town - Ocean Township
  • Town with the highest ratio of tattoos to missing teeth - Sussex

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