Dennis and Judi had some time to discuss an infamous exchange between a couple at Yankees stadium who were... "being intimate" at a Yankees game at Yankees Stadium.

Did this kind of thing go down 50 years ago? Did cell phone cameras make this kind of crazy behavior possible? Have... you ever do something like this?

Frank in Elizabeth – Doin' it in the 'mangroves'

Frank, a ladies man who wears a pin-stripe suit and who once gave some Cuban cigars to Dennis, had an interesting story for us.

In a wooded area, where Frank often jogs, he brought his girlfriend to make love. "We went deep into the mangroves, I lay out the blanket, and then... you know."

Frank's rant then devolved into screams of "FASTER! MORE! MORE!"

John in Somerset – Gettin' crazy in the ball field

"We had it right in the middle of the centerfield," John told us. "I had more mosquito bites on my back then you would believe." She also liked to "do things" to John in the car. Marriage material.

Then John married the girl and now "she won't do nothin.'"

Dennis in the Poconos – Joinin' the Mile High Club

Dennis was on a flight to St. Kitts when a stewardess suggested him and his wife "join the 'Mile High Club.'" We squeeze into the bathroom, and then we hear over the intercom: 'Will everyone on the flight please take their seats -- including the couple in the bathroom?'

Tony in Livingston – Shakin' the showers at the hardware store

Tony and his wife ended up at the hardware store and "we ended up down the aisle where they had the shower display" and climbed in.

"We rounded the bases," Tony so delicately puts it.

The couple looked out to see an older Asian couple watching the shower sway.

Lisa in Warren – Gettin' funky in the swamp

"I was on a date," says Lisa, "and I was on the back of a motorcycle, and we were going for a nice ride and we stopped at the Great Swamp in New Jersey.

"We pulled the motorcycle all the way down the trail and had did it on the back of his motorcycle."