I know what you were thinking when you heard about the couple who were caught having sex in a Seaside Heights church, "Been there done that." I kid, actually I was wondering how upset the church would be if they had used birth control but that's another post for another day. What I was thinking about having read this and seeing all the "where have you had sex posts" was 'Where are the worst possible places in New Jersey to have sex?" Thinking about them will either turn you off for life or make you last longer. Here's what you've come up with.

One place of I could start was a place called the "York Motel" located somewhere between exit 16e and the Lincoln tunnel just outside the Kennedy Blvd exit. I don't know if it's even there anymore but if you're looking for love in all the wrong places, start here.

  • Samantha - Anywhere with my ex husband.
  • Steve - Jail.
  • Allan - "I imagine the motel adjacent to the strip club on 73 would be less than ideal." Imagine? Really?
  • Justin - Riviera motor lodge... mirror on the ceiling?
  • Bob - Ferris wheel... granted it has it's ups and downs which I can attest to having worked at Great Adventure.
  • John - "Up In the halo of the Meadowlands Arena (Izod Center).
  • Butch - "Somewhere in the swamps on a blanket. MOSQUITOES!!"
  • Heather - I could tell you but I'd have to kill you lol.
  • Carlos - Underwood memorial hospital room Woodbury, NJ.
  • Alicia - In a lifeguard stand in AC in January. Terrible place. Phenomenal sex!
  • Richard - The jetty in North Wildwood.
  • Ken - Under the boardwalk in Wildwood, NJ
  • Chris - The Dunes down the Jersey Shore!! Damn flies!!
  • James - In a hammock behind a pool in Marlboro, NJ.
  • Terry - Trenton State Prison.
  • Melissa - This wasn't me. But I just read an article of two people getting caught having sex near the Virgin Mary statue in seaside heights.
  • Ed - A plastic kiddie pool on the back porch of a friends summer rental. Somewhere at the Jersey shore in the eighties...
  • Michael - North Wildwood Beach In the Grassy Marsh and on top of that I was attacked by green heads and Mosquitos.
  • Michelle - Sea Isle on the boardwalk in a room full of stacked chairs.

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