Another run of the annual neighborhood Memorial Tractor Race is in the books!

Inside the 2015 Race Flier... (Craig Allen photo).

And, while the race flier says its the "95th" annual started as a small race among a few families in 1997...and only became a "big race" around 2002.

What a FUN neighborhood...and friendly one, too! (Craig Allen photo).

Sunday of the Memorial Day Weekend, is RACE DAY!

This annual tradition has yet to be moved to Memorial Day Monday, on account of rain!

Thanks to Meteorologist Dan Zarrow for the perfect (one could call it FANTASTIC) forecast!

So, the deal is, we party for a few hours...race for about 7 minutes...and then party on into the night. What's not to love?

There's lots of camaraderie...

"Its good to see you" at the pre-race party! (Craig Allen photo). and games...

Rock, paper, see who starts this round. (Craig Allen photo.

...and, did I mention...TONS of food (and drink)...

How about "shrimp on the barbie" for openers? (Craig Allen photo).

All the while...spectators are jockeying for a good vantage point...

These chairs will soon be filled. (Craig Allen photo).

...and tractors are pulling up to the starting the anticipation builds!

Some of this year's hopefuls are already on the starting line! (Craig Allen photo).

One again, racers (and spectators) are ENCOURAGED to bring on the "waterworks!"

Water balloons and "Super Soakers" know no age limit! (Craig Allen photo).

Should any racer need "assistance..."

Steve is ready (Craig Allen photo). I said...this is a friendly neighborhood!

Are YOU ready to RACE?

START your engines! (the roar of all these lawn-cutting beasts is deafening!)

The "pace jeep" is in place, and the girls are moments from giving the GO signal! (Craig Allen photo archives).


And we're off...water balloons are racers fight for position!
Mere moments into the BIG race!
Robs says "Give me everything you've got!" A few balloons clearly...miss the mark!
Fred is about to feel the "wrath" of a spectator's super soaker! you aim at a fellow racer...

Oh, NO...

"Team Jerry" (race founder) his sights!

Guess who...

As the old saying goes: "like a lamb to..." you know.


I'm HIT! AGAIN...and AGAIN...and AGAIN!

As you can see...I'm already SOAKED!

"DJ Craig" is a popular target!

Add to my "worries"...if you look real smart phone is duct taped to my chest!  And, while it is "wrapped"...I don't need it SOAKED too!

I am using my camera phone to shoot additional video for "Chasing News."

In the meantime...other racers are about to cross the FINISH LINE!

Hey, "FedEx Pat!" You might want to watch where you are going!

Lets's cut to the "chase..."

Thumbs UP!

Looking...and FEELING like...a "drowned rat," I am about to cross the finish line.

Just a reminder...

I HAVE won the race before...I have no need to bring the trophy home for another year...

ALL that matters to me, is that I don't come in...

Keep smilin'!


Just a few of the the end of the line. (Craig Allen photo).

Who WON, you ask?!

He may look familiar to those of you read my articles at Christmastime!

He's a longtime neighbor...and FIRST TIME RACER...

Race founder Jerry (left) congratulates the 2015 race winner! (Craig Allen photo).

"Cornershow Bob!"

Every Christmas, Bob lights up the neighborhood with his festive house display.

EVERY January, PSE&G mails him a HUGE electric bill!

Thanks, "Cornershow!" You're a WINNER in more ways than one!

The whole neighborhood poses with Cornershow, at the "after-party!"

Your author, in the studio with Bill Spadea and the Chasing Team!

Catch more of the "constant variety of tractors" tomorrow night, as I am a "Guest Chaser" on "Chasing News."

The Tractor Race will be on your TV!

Tune in...or set your dvr...Tuesday night at 10pm on" MY 9" in New York/Wednesday morning at 12:30am on FOX 29 in Philadelphia!