Its a tradition, 96 years in the making...

Going back...back...back in time, according to this year's race flyer... (Craig Allen photo).

...well,its been happening since 1999.

The first 3 tractors on the "ride" is in the middle. (Craig Allen photo).

My neighborhood gathers to party for a few .race LAWN MOWERS through the streets for a few minutes...and then party into the night!

A cannonball is...fractions of a second away! (Craig Allen photo).

What's not to LOVE?!

The starting lineup is starting to fill out... (Craig Allen photo).

Throughout the afternoon, more racers arrive...

"Cornershow Bob" on his "chariot!" (Craig Allen photo).

...including last year's race winner!

"FedEx Pat" and Jackie are ready! (Craig Allen photo).

Did I mention that the use of water balloons...

The tractor race is fun for ALL ages! (Craig Allen photo).

and "super soakers" is encouraged?

SMILE! (Craig Allen photo).

Keith, and his family, (ABOVE) are NEW this year...and, as the excitement builds...I they really know what they are in for?

On the other hand...

I'm READY! (Craig Allen photo archives). VETERANS are PSYCHED for the fast-paced action...and the watery mayhem that is mere moments away!

The official "Pace Jeep!" (Craig Allen photo).

Race time is getting closer...

Race founder Jerry reminding racers of the rules...and outlining this year's course. (Craig Allen photo).
A serious moment...our National Anthem. (Craig Allen photo).
Who will be hit by a water balloon at the very end of the national anthem? (Craig Allen photo archives).

Are we ready to race??

And we're OFF! (Craig Allen photo archives).


Racers are jockeying for early position. (Craig Allen photo archives).
Let the waterworks begin! (Craig Allen photo archives).
I'm in the pack...and I'm soaked...already! (Craig Allen photo archives).

Racers let the water balloons fly...

There's plenty of action on the "sidelines," too! (Craig Allen photo archives) do the spectators!

Getting ready to soak the competition! (Craig Allen photo).
I look forward to this "7 minute" race...all year! (Craig Allen photo archives). the wind! (Craig Allen photo archives).


Hmmmmmmm...... (Craig Allen photo archives).
Loading up for an ambush! (Craig Allen photo archives).
Direct hit! (Craig Allen photo archives).
"Look, Ma! NO hands!" (Craig Allen photo archives).

Sadly...before you know it...

Tractors are...parked... (Craig Allen photo).

...the race is over...

I'm thinking that FedEx's trailer tire will never be the same! (Craig Allen photo).

...and racers are milling about at the post-race party...

"Team Jerry" has had so much fun soaking racers...they are just NOW crossing the finish line! (Craig Allen photo).

...well...MOST are...

Basking in the "post-race glow." (Craig Allen photo).

...waiting to congratulate this year's winner...

Rob knows who is taking home the Race Trophy! (Craig Allen photo).

...and MOST still don't know who the winner is!

Barry, who won a few years ago...comes in third...

Last year's winner, "Cornershow Bob" comes in...second...

Its not..."Fruh-gee-lee..." its a HEAVY trophy! (Craig Allen photo).

And, Rob takes home this year's "Major Award." (Mrs. Rob is...thrilled...NOT).

Cornershow Bob added...what else...Christmas the trophy. Clap your hands, and they light up! (Craig Allen photo).

Before the post-race party swings into full gear...

"The 'hood 1." (Craig Allen photo archives).

...its time for the annual photo of the neighbors with this year's winner...

"The 'hood 2." (Craig Allen photo archives)

And, in takes TWO pictures to include everyone!