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Before you win...take a few moments to really get to know the band that you will enjoy LIVE!

The band that we now know as "Santana" was formed in San Francisco in 1967 by Carlos Santana, as an outlet for his songs, and his distinctive guitar style.

Named "The Carlos Santana Blues Band," the initial lineup was: Carlos Santana (lead guitar), Marcus Malone (percussion), Rod Harper (drums), David Brown (bass guitar) and Gregg Rolie (lead vocals, Hammond Organ).

In the summer of 1967, the band auditioned at the "Avalon Ballroom."  Afterwards, the event promoter, Chet Helms, told Carlos that the band wouldn't make it in San Francisco, playing Latin Fusion. Further, he stated that Santana shouldn't give up his day job...washing dishes at a drive in!

Lucky for Santana, Woodstock was right over the horizon.

San Francisco-based promoter Bill Graham was asked to help organize the event, and he agreed, provided that the unknown band "Santana" was added to the lineup.

Santana rushed into the recording studio in May 1969. Their debut album "Santana" was finished in a month.

After playing at Woodstock, the debut album was released...and it went to #4 on the Billboard Album Chart.

"Evil Ways," would land at #9 on the pop charts in early 1970.

Santana went on tour to support the album...and went back into the studio in April 1970, to record their second album "Abraxas." It would be a #1 album.

"Black Magic Woman," (written by Fleetwood Mac founding member Peter Green) was Santana's next hit single. (#4/1970).

"Oye Como Va," another of "Jersey's Favorite Hits," just missed the top-10 (#13/1971).

The first half of 1971 saw Santana back in the recording studio, working on their third album, "Santana III."

"Everybody's Everything" hit the airwaves late in the year (#12/1971).

Santana III would be the last album to feature the Woodstock lineup.

Personnel changes would become a constant in the life of the band Santana...Neil Schon joined the lineup in 1971 (he and Gregg Rolie would form "Journey" in 1973).

Santana would release multiple albums through the rest of the decade, but none would come close to the band's early 70's success.

Their cover version of the Zombie's "She's Not There" would get some notice (#27/1977).

The early 1980's Santana sound reflected a continuing shift away from Latin a more conventional "rock" sound. The "Zebop" album would lead off the "decade of decadence."

"Wining" would be the first Santana song to crack the top-20, in ten years! (#17/1981).

If the song sounds familiar (especially the "hook,") it contains the song clip that Steve Trevelise plays when your are a "Trevia" WINNER on New Jersey 101.5!

"Shango" 1982 (Craig Allen photo).

Santana's 1982 album "Shango" yielded the next song that would put Santana back on the hit charts:

"Hold On" (#15/1982).

1985's "Beyond Appearances" album would be the band's first effort not to achieve gold, it was considered a commercial failure. The next three albums didn't even crack the Billboard Top 100.

Seven years would go by (1992-1999) before there was a new Santana album...although the band continued to tour.

With the band still on a break from the recording studio, Santana was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame, in 1998.

This was the start of good things for this now-classic band!

In 1999, Santana released the "Supernatural" album. It debuted at #19 on the Billboard Album Chart...and within 18 weeks, it would be #1 (which it would hold onto for 12 nonconsecutive weeks).

The album would feature vocals from several pop artists...(including Eric Clapton, Eagle-Eye Cherry, Lauren Hill, Dave Matthews, Everlast and Cee-Lo).

"Smooth," featuring Rob Thomas (of "Matchbox 20") on vocals, hit #1 (1999), and is one of "Jersey's Favorite Hits!"

"Maria, Maria," featuring The Product G&B, would also rise to the #1 position on the pop charts!

The "Supernatural" album, with its Latin sound, is influenced by several genres, including alternative rock, pop rock and R&B...

It won 9 Grammy Awards, including Album Of The 3 Latin Grammy Awards, including Record Of The Year!

It went 15X Platinum, and has sold 30 millions copies worldwide!

"Supernatural" also put Santana in the Guinness Book Of World Records:

It came 28 years after Santana's last #1 album ("Santana"/1971)...the longest gap between U.S. #1 albums for the same artist!

The "Shaman" album was released in 2002. It debuted at #1...and then slid.

Michelle Branch provided vocals on "The Game Of Love" (#5/2002).

"Why Don't You And I" featured Alex Band from the "Calling" (#8/2003).

"All That I Am" 2005 (Craig Allen photo).

The 2005 album (above) "All That I Am" debuted at #2, but like the previous album, dropped off quickly.

Hmmmm....I could swear that I broke the seal on that CD before I put it on the shelf....!

"Guitar Hero" (2010) and "Shape Shifter (2012) albums would follow.

There was talk of a reunion of the classic Woodstock lineup in 2013....

In May of last year, the "Corazon" album was released...and the live album (CD/DVD/Blu- ray) "Corazon-Live From Mexico: Live It To Believe It" came out last September!

What else is the band up to? Click HERE for their official website, including band news, tour dates, and lots of photos!

Carlos Santana is on HERE!

On his facebook page, Carlos Santana posted the following words of inspiration, just a few days ago:

"I invite you
To look in the mirror
And say out loud
I am significant meaningful
And I will make a difference
In the world
The light that I am
The love that I have
Will transform fear .. Everywhere

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"Ultimate Santana" 2007 (Craig Allen photo).

"Embrace your light and love
And create blessings and miracles
Make this world .... Heaven
Peace" --Carlos Santana (2015)