The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission is changing the rules when it comes to getting a disability placard that allows drivers to park in special disabled parking spots.

David Matthau, Townsquare Media NJ

“Starting this August people with disabilities will have to re-certify their medical qualifications with the Motor Vehicle Commission every 3 years, to re-certify that in fact they remain disabled and need the placard that hangs from their hang-tag on the rear view mirror of their vehicle,” said Motor Vehicle Commission Chief Administrator Ray Martinez.

Up until now, motorists have only had to visit their doctor once to get the medical classification that allowed them  to qualify for the special placard.

During a press conference in Bridgewater Wednesday, Martinez stressed that motorists with qualifying disabilities “should not panic about this because it’s going to be phased in.”

The policy change is being made to try and endure those who are parking in disability parking spots need to do so because of a medical condition.