For the last few months you may have been hearing lots of stuff about Paul Sarlo, the Mayor and Senator from Bergen County who also the COO of one of NJ's largest construction companies.

He has taken a lot of heat from this radio station for his support of the gas tax increase and more recently, Governor Christie's Book Deal. Well I am about to go the opposite way of many of the opinions that have been expressed on our radio station, and I'm also about to defend somebody who will probably receive little sympathy from anyone besides me.

But there's one thing Paul Sarlo needs to be given a break for parking in a handicapped spot. In the evening. At his own office.

Cut it out people. This is nitpicking! There are way too many handicapped spots for how many actually handicapped people there are. It's an ADA law and it's overdone. And after hours to pull into it just to load your car? Gimme a break.

We have a spot like this outside of our radio station. I really don't expect any handicapped individual to pull into the radio station for a quick visit at 11:30 at night. I should be able to use that spot whenever I want after hours.

If somebody who was actually handicapped-- and I mean people who really need that space (which is a very small percentage of New Jersey drivers since many people just abuse that little placard)--needed that spot, he'd leave! And those handicapped spots should be free-for-alls after hours, anyway.

I can be just as anti-Sarlo as the next guy, but this is just ridiculous. There are enough legitimate things to gripe about when it comes to New Jersey lawmakers.

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