The latest assault on the English dictionary comes from the story that along with the updates to the rules and regulations regarding having a handicap placard, the verbiage of the cards, plates and placards will change as well.

Flickr User TheDarkThing

According to Kevin McArdle's report, new laws will crackdown on those who park in handicap parking without the proper identification. But what is equally as troubling about this, is the fact that with the updated rules, the verbiage will be modified as well.

One of the new terms of the handicapped parking permits states that the term “handicapped” will be replaced with “person with a disability” in keeping with current state law that requires offensive or outmoded terminology be replaced with more acceptable, current language.

Is using the word handicapped really offensive if you're describing what the reason reasoning is for the parking permit? How many people actually find this offensive enough that we would need to change it?

Sometimes it seems easier to find the words that HAVEN'T become offensive to people in the English language than the words that do. It seems like every other word or description offends some time of group at one time or another.

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