More questions than answers from the Cherry Hill Public School District, after an incident where audio recordings revealed teachers mocking and swearing at a ten year-old autistic boy.



  • Stuart Chaifetz claims the teacher caught on tape berating his son Akien is still employed in the district.
  • Parents admit to Facebook snooping.  Do you? 
  • Teenagers are guzzling hand sanitizer to get high.  We have tips on how to talk to your kids. 
  • The battle lines over tax cuts are drawn between Governor Chris Christie and Assembly Majority Leader Lou Greenwald. 
  • Senate President Steve Sweeney explains why his property tax cut plan doesn't include a proposal to raise a tax on millionaries
  • New Jersey moves forward with a plan to make toll cheats pay. 
  • South Jersey's economy is improving according to a new business outlook survey.
  • Good news for teenagers looking for a job. More employers say they plan to hire teens for summer positions.

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Wednesday's poll asked if you agreed with the way the Cherry Hill Public School District handled the incident concerning the autistic child? Nearly 75% of you said no, while 20% said more information is needed.