Amy Moore is a NJ mother who tragically lost her son Benjamin in the line of duty while he was fighting overseas in 2011. Since then, Amy has been trying to do something special to honor the memory of her fallen son and you will be left shaking your head when you hear why she hasn't been able to accomplish that yet.

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The controversy has been caused by a flag which was signed into law here in New Jersey for honoring those from the U.S. armed forces who have given the ultimate sacrifice for their country. Amy Moore wants to memorialize her hero son Benjamin and the town of Bordentown has different ideas on how they would like to handle remembering fallen heroes.Therein lies the problem.

2 years after their son's death, The Moores purchased 2 "Honor and Remember" flags that they presented to Bordentown. One to be hung in City Hall and the other to the town's Veteran's Committee for display in the Bordentown Veteran's memorial.

In a letter to the Moores, the Veteran's committee at the time told the family that the flag would be hung in the veteran's memorial. After the new mayor, Joe Malone took office and the flag had still not been hung, the Moores were told by the mayor that the Veteran's committee had changed their mind. They were officially told in a 4-page letter months later that the Veteran's committee declined their request to fly the flag.

You can listen to the audio from the interview with Amy Moore below:

Part 1 - Amy gives some back story on the Honor and Remember Flag and how they decided to honor their son Benjamin.

Part 2- Amy discusses the change over in the Mayor and how she and her husband found out the Veteran's committee decided to reject their request to fly the flag, as well as the current situation as it stands now.


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