Honor and Remember Flags were created to have a nationally uniformed way to identify and pay homage to those brave soldiers who lost their lives in battle.

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Amy Moore, a NJ resident and a local supporter of honor and remember flag joined Jim on the air this morning to discuss the flag and how it is a symbol of national gratitude for those military who made the ultimate sacrifice to keep us safe.

The ultimate goal is to have every state recognize the Honor and Remember Flags as the national emblem of gratitude for that ultimate sacrifice.

Amy unfortunately lost her son a few years ago in Afghanistan. As a tribute to their son and to the over 2 million other fallen soldiers that this flag represents, the Moores wanted to donate 2 flags to the town of Bordentown. 1 Flag to the city of Bordentown and 1 to the town's Veteran's committee. The veteran's committee has since balked at featuring the donated flag and the Moores have been trying to resolve this ever since.

You can listen to Amy's interview on air with Jim and the latest on this battle between Amy's family and the Bordentown Veteran's Committee in the audio player below.

To find out more information, incuding how you can make a difference by signing the petiton visit their website, Honor and Remember.org.