A soldier dies for his country, his parents are presented with 2 Honor and Remember flags which they present to Bordentown City and the Veterans Memorial Committee is refusing to fly them at the city’s Veterans Memorial. 

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Honor and Remember Inc. was started by George Lutz  following the death of his son on Dec. 29, 2005, in Iraq. The Honor and Remember flag has not been adopted by the Federal Government but has been approved in 19 states including New Jersey and is endorsed or in the approval process in the remaining 31 states. “It’s such a simple thing according to Lutz.


The two flags were presented to Bordentown City by the parents of Army Spc. Benjamin Moore who was killed in Afghanistan in 2011 when a bomb detonated near him. The Moores say the flags are a tribute to the sacrifice of their son as well as all U.S. troops who have died in the line of duty.

The Veterans Memorial Committee thinks it’s a violation of the flag code and say their decision not to fly the same flag at the Memorial is final.

As reported by Nicole Mulvaney of the Times of Trenton,  Chairman Bruce Throckmorton said “I promised to ask the committee to re-examine the flag code. We thought it was a violation of the flag code,” Throckmorton adds “Frankly, I was hoping we could come up with a compromise because I know how much it means to people, but I can’t. We studied the flag code; I think it’s a violation.”

City officials hoisted the one flag on a staff outside the Carslake Community Center, where it flies beneath the American and POW/MIA flags. “It should be flown at a civilian site, and it does. It’s not a citizens’ memorial; it’s a veterans’ memorial,” Throckmorton said. “I support that. That’s where it should be.”

But the committee raised objections to having it flown, saying it didn’t meet code that applies to the American flag and bears resemblance to the Vietnam flag.

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