An already amazing show got even better last night on HBO, in the Boardwalk Empire episode entitled " Peg of Old"...

This week, Nucky trotted out heavyweight champ Jack Dempsey to promote a "wireless" broadcast of the upcoming fight in Jersey City. How awesome it was to re-live the golden age of radio, when those lucky enough to own a radio could enjoy music and entertainment miraculously boomed into their living rooms FOR FREE !

Maggie's visit to 1920's-era Brooklyn was also really well done. I imagined my own grandparents living in just such a way...with the markets and small apartments and clotheslines all crammed together. Although the visit did not go well for Maggie, as her brother was none too pleased with her re-appearance after all these years.

Perhaps the most powerful line of this week's episode was delivered by...none other than Lucy. Who says to Nelson: " This is your baby...you bought it. " Nelson meanwhile does not have the $3000 he promised Lucy for bearing his child, which sends Lucy straight back to Nucky (and makes for one more very interesting story line).

Meanwhile, Jimmy uttered another memorable line last night, one that I may post on my office wall: "It doesn't matter if your right or wrong...you just have to make a decision." As he is obviously still conflicted over his betrayal of Nucky...I won't spoil  the big moment that followed that statement, but just say what followed was the biggest moment in the show's critically acclaimed history.

If you haven't seen the first six episodes this season, you're missing out on not only some great entertainment, but also on one of the finest productions cable TV has ever produced. Great job by HBO !

Even though they still can't touch good-old "wireless".