This season of "Boardwalk Empire" is one of its best; the Atlantic City based show continues to allow its characters to evolve and change as the times change. The change in Nelson Van Alden has been particularly stark; he has gone from straight laced federal agent in the first season to a gangland thug who's not afraid to kill somebody if that's what's necessary. Who didn't secretly relish Van Alden's return to his real name and his recital of who he is to O'Banion?

Chalky White is another interesting character; just as he starts to ascend in the criminal world, thanks to backing Nucky in his fight against Gyp Rosetti last season, a competitor in the person of Dr. Narcisse to try and put him out of business. Nucky's role as patriarch, both for his crime organization as well as for the Thompson family (getting his nephew Will off the hook for murder), has been on display this season, too.

About the only character I could to without is Gillian; I don't know why, but I just don't care what happens to her. The guy from "Office Space" who is currently squiring her is apparently up to no good according to last night's episode can go ahead and whack her for all I care. Although he became much more interesting with his surreptitious phone call. There are only three episodes left and Nucky doesn't have an obvious combatant this year, other than the undercover FBI agent, so I guess Chalky's fight with Narcisse will have to do. I'm looking forward to the resolution.