This reminds of a scene out of the HBO Series, “Boardwalk Empire.”

According to a published report,
a Morris County Prosecutor estimated that 25 to 40 pounds of marijuana that allegedly was transported from California to Montville last week was found hiding in a beanbag chair, a hollowed-out clothes dryer and other furniture.

A local Morris County couple has been accused of importing the marijuana, with an estimated street value of $250,000, and, according to the above published report, both are charged with the first-degree crime of possession of 25 pounds or more of marijuana with intent to distribute, and conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute.

What made them do it?

Plain and simple. They needed the money. No mention of a drug habit, no mention of anything other than being unemployed because of the economy.

And while we don’t want to look for excuses like a sour economy to make one turn to a life of “crime”, do you really feel like that “crime” should be a crime at all?

(Unfortunately, as I’ve stated before, both were dealing in serious “weight”, but the fact remains, if the use of it were decriminalized; we wouldn’t even be speaking of these “criminals” as criminals. As it stand now, both could now be facing serious jail time.)

It is so eerily reminiscent of the “Boardwalk Empire” series where criminal elements control a liquor trade, turning otherwise law-abiding citizens into gangsters.

Jail time for something that is less harmful that substances you can legally buy and store in your medicine cabinet.

It would be a much smarter proposition to revisit our antiquated drug policies, decriminalize the use of marijuana; and allow its distribution to be handled in a government sanctioned manner, much the same way cigarettes and liquor are.

(And for the record, I never much cared for smoking pot.
There were too many times that I’d wander off into “zoo-zoo” land. I do advocate its legalization for practical purposes.)

Under our present system, the black market in marijuana abounds and shows no sign in shutting down.

Why does there need to be a black market at all?

Isn’t it time to legalize marijuana, and decriminalize its use?

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