My 5 year old sons Albert and Lennon are off from school for Easter week. This puts the onus of entertainment on Mommy and Daddy. We thought we’d share some suggestions with our radio family of day trips both expensive and inexpensive in New Jersey.

Great Adventure is now open and there are plenty of discounts available. The soda cans with the discount offers come to mind.

If you’d rather hit the beach, try the Point Pleasant Boardwalk, where not only do they have rides but a great aquarium as well. If Aquariums are what you’re into, try the Adventure Aquarium in Camden.  If you’re really cheap like me, take them to the exotic pet store, if they’re 5 and under they’ll never know. I speak from experience on this.

My sons are also into guitars having seen all the Beatles movies, so a trip to Freehold Music where they see hundreds of guitars hanging in the store fascinates them.

These are a few we’ve come up with, if you could add more, we’d really appreciate it, leave your ideas in the comment field below.