How lucky is Asbury Park that 3 days after Pt Pleasant voted to stop serving alcohol after midnight starting in July, Bamboozle comes in this weekend. “Bamboozle” in case you’ve been living a cave (or someplace where you thought stopping drinking after midnight was a good idea ;) is a 3 day festival of great music, great food and great partying in a place that has been trying to rebuild itself since Bruce was just a local hero.

The Jersey shore is in a battle for you vacation dollar and in that battle, Pt Pleasant just blinked. If I’m Asbury Park, I take full advantage and I start the push this weekend when hundreds of thousands of people are coming to check me out. I’d be like the announcers at the 4 o’clock game welcoming in the Giants crowd that just saw their team win. If I were in charge of marketing Asbury Park, I’d make it known that in the summer, the party is just getting started after midnight. I may even buy the old Eric Clapton “After Midnight” song to use in my commercials. Perhaps midnight “happy hours” just  to get things started.


Asbury Park has just been handed a major break. Not only do they get a music festival complete with Bon Jovi and the Foo Fighters, but they get it 3 days after they vote to stop serving alcohol after midnight in Pt Pleasant. Granted Pt Pleasant could amend their law when they meet again on June 12, but if I’m Asbury Park, I wouldn’t be waiting until the midnight hour, I would use Bamboozle to bamboozle the Point. Let the competition begin!