Now that the bars have been ordered closed at midnight beginning July first in Pt Pleasant, where will the people who used to close Jenkinson’s and Martell’s go?

Will they venture into Belmar? Maybe hit Bar A or Djais?  Perhaps Asbury Park which continues to come on stronger and stronger as it tries to regain its past glory with a present crowd. Maybe they’ll go to Seaside Heights where they make their bones with rowdy crowds. Will these people, who laid down money to rent for the summer in Pt Pleasant get a refund or discount since the midnight closing isn’t what they bargained for? Will there be a lot of parties of the first part going to court with parties of the second part, now that the party has been cancelled in Point? For the answers to these and other questions, stay tuned to New Jersey 101.5.


In the meantime, please fill out the poll of what shore town you would party in if not Pt Pleasant?