If you’ve ever seen the movie “Bronx Tale” There’s a scene where a motorcycle gang crashes the local bar and after being asked nicely to leave several times, then the door is locked and “Sonny” played by Chaz Palminteri  uttered the line “now you can’t leave” a fight ensues and the bikers are eventually tossed out of their ear.

Ironically “Bronx Tale” also started as a dispute over a parking space. In Pt Pleasant, the council has voted, with Mayor Vincent Barella casting the deciding ballot, to close the bars at midnight……unless they can come up with a reasonable fee to stay open until 2 which could be decided at a June 12th meeting.

The boardwalk businesses have reportedly offered 161,000 a year for 5 years, Mayor Barella says the amount raised with new bar assessments would be about $186,000 per year.

Somewhere in the middle lies the solution that will keep the bars open until 2am and restore order the Pt Pleasant we all know. The bigger question here is whether or not Pt Pleasant can survive without the lucrative night life which they will lose if they have to close at midnight. Does the town have a backup plan to recoup the lost revenue? It’s hard enough to make money in business in New Jersey without your own town council shooting itself in the foot.  Unless of course, they has a plan…..they DO have a plan ..right?