Are you ready for the "trick or treaters?"

More pumpkins...but don't carve them! (Craig Allen photo)

Halloween is this Saturday!

A mere 6 days away!  (SCARY!)

Are you ready?

"Boo Store" (Craig Allen photo)

Some of these "pop-up" Halloween Stores have been open...ready to cater to all of your Halloween needs since early September!

Stock up! (Craig Allen photo)

Have you stocked up on 'treats?"

Kitty says: Buy LOTS of candy...NOW!" (Craig Allen photo).

This BIG black cat got my attention...its head moves back and forth, staring you down, as you walk past the Halloween Candy'd better stop and buy...or else!

Follow the t-shirt's directions...that includes you, "grandma" the left! (Craig Allen photo)

Will you be "dressed" for the occasion?

"Happy" Halloween house. (Craig Allen photo)

Is your home "dressed" for the big day?

Monster Pumpkin! (Craig Allen photo)

The National Retail Federation estimates that 157 million Americans are set to celebrate Halloween this year!

8 in 10 millennials are said to be planning something fun to do with friends!

On a nationwide basis, you'll see plenty of pumpkins, princesses, zombies and witches this year...

Minions, Star Wars and Disney's "Frozen" characters will be knocking on doors asking for candy...

Americans are expected to spend $2.6 billion on Halloween costumes for adults, children and...yes...pets!

NRF’s Top Costume Survey shows that pets won't miss out on the Halloween fun...with many being costumed as pumpkins... Don't forget that Deminski & Doyle want to see your Halloween pet pictures. Please share! Click here for all the details!

Total spending, including candy and decorations, is expected to reach $6.9 billion!

That averages out to about $74 per person!

Just one example of an "indoor decoration" for Halloween. (Craig Allen photo).

You still have a few days to become a part of these "spooky" statistics, New Jersey!

I, for one, am glad that the big day is still a few days away...because I still have to decide what to be!

Hanging out in the on-air studio with Diana, last Halloween! (Kira Buxton photo).

Should I be a ghost again this year?

And, just to set the record straight...the reason that my face isn't covered, as the ghost, is that I have to SEE what I am doing...while doing a radio show!

Happy Halloween, New Jersey!

BOO! (Craig Allen photo)