People go to Youtube for tons of reasons. Whether you're looking for something related to music, sports, humor or anything else under the sun, YouTube will bring you a video relating to what you're looking for. But what video is the most popular? I would have assumed it would have been something relating to Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga who each have well over 17 million Twitter followers.

Turns out, the most viewed video of all time is a viral video entitled "Charlie Bit My Finger - Again", And you've probably seen it at least once. Here's a refresher:

Whether you find this funny, cute, annoying or boring, the public has clearly spoken. As I'm writing this, the video has 437,001,163 views. People have sat through 56 seconds of a random family moment almost half a billion times. Because of the amount of views the video has gotten, an extremely high amount of highly priced advertisements have run on it. Other companies have also paid this family for the right to use the video in other places. That equals money, and a lot of it. According to ABC News,

It's like they won the lottery. "Charlie Bit Me" has brought his family -- now four boys -- close to half a million dollars, all of it going to private schooling and eventually a college fund for the kids.

Hey, if you don't win the Mega Millions tonight, there's still an alternative way to get "easy-rich" overnight.
Tip: Keep the camera rolling.