The Mega Millions jackpot soars to $640 million dollars - the biggest lottery prize in history, and residents across the Garden state are buying up tickets like there's no tomorrow.

New Jersey Lottery officials report 2 thousand tickets a minute are being sold, and many people seem to think they are going to win the big jackpot tonight.

"Anybody's got a shot, bud" said one shopper in Mercer County," it's worth a dollar and a prayer, baby."

But if they do win, how will folks spend all that money?

"I would just take care of the family" said one woman smiling, "and give some to the church and school system- I would share my money."

"I have two kids in college in Arizona" said another shopper," so their tuition is definitely paid…I'd take care of a few bills, take care of a few family members and travel the world - and I'm a die-hard sports fan- so I'm at every sporting event there is - the World Cup, the Super Bowl, the NBA championship, the World Series - I'm all over the place."

Another man said "I'd like to buy my own island - that's what I would do…I'd retire to the island and find some kind of business, cause I'd be too bored sitting around doing nothing."

Even little kids are making plans. One youngster said if his parents win "ahhh, I want a toy!"

A woman standing nearby chimed in " I already talked to my neighbor about it - I'm going to pay off his mortgage…I would donate to charity, I would invest it - pay off my own mortgage, buy some furniture I've been looking at- and probably redo the garage."

"If I won I have no clue what I would do" said another shopper, "I'd probably basically buy myself a car and get myself a nice home to live in."

A man standing close-by said instead of buying things for himself, "I'd set up a fund to help people who are truly being affected by the Wall Street idiots."