I was on my way to work today, driving west on I-195. I was right around the Hamilton Square area when a rock came off of a dump truck about 500 feet ahead of me and came flying towards my car. I didn't have too much time to react since I didn't see it until right before the impact. I was also surrounded by cars on both sides of me which meant I couldn't maneuver my way around getting hit. The rock hit my windshield on the drivers side and immediately cracked it. As of right now, it doesn't effect my vision on the road, but I know that they have a tendency to get bigger as time goes on. Check out the photo I took of what it looks like:

I was way more than 200 feet away when this happened, and I could do nothing about avoiding it. My question to you is, would I be able to call the company of the truck and see if they could pay for it? A few minutes later when I passed the truck on the right, I took some pictures of it so I could remember the license plate number and company name if I am indeed able to do something about it. Have you ever been in a similar situation? Have you ever had the company do something about it? Take our poll and leave your story and suggestion in the comment section below.