So it comes down to this. Last night it was declared, prematurely some say, that Hillary Clinton now has enough delegates to clinch the nomination. Super delegates are not supposed to cast their official votes until the convention but apparently there are now indications that enough will predictably go her way and she is being declared the presumptive nominee for the Democrats. So much for the importance of today's New Jersey primary assisting in putting her over the top.

So here we are. This is our choice. Two candidates with the highest unfavorable ratings in decades. One of them will be POTUS. A guy who deflects blame and responsibility like lint off a $3,000 suit and who seems to conduct himself from a point of paranoia. The judge is Mexican, that's why he's biased against me. If the judge were Muslim, he'd also be biased against me. The media is out to get me. Haters. Etcetera. And a woman who is wholly unlikeable, shrill, sneaky, and power hungry. These are our choices.

A guy who for all the talk of "we need a businessman in the White House" has had so many business failures. Trump Vodka. Trump Mortgage. Trump Airlines. 1989's Trump: The Game. Of course how can we possibly ignore Trump University, not a university at all but a complete scam and subject of a federal lawsuit. Yep, that's your guy GOP. Nice going!

A woman who while Secretary of State used her family's private email server rather than official State Department accounts for official communications. Violations of protocol, procedures, and federal law...can we all say indictment boys and girls?

A choice between Trump and Hillary is like a choice between root canal with no Novocaine or pulling out your own teeth with a pair of pliers.

A choice between Trump and Hillary is like a choice between jumping out of an airplane with no parachute or running into a burning building with no fire equipment.

A choice between Trump and Hillary is like a choice between making out with your sister or making out with your mother. Repugnant no matter how you look at it.

I will be voting for Gary Johnson and the Libertarian party this November. He's a former two-term governor of New Mexico who was ruthless with veto powers. A fiscal conservative and liberal on social issues. When anything crossed his desk, anything at all, the very first question he asked himself was always, "Should this even be the concern of government in the first place?"

He won't win. But my conscience will.

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