Police believe a woman stole a wedding dress valued at $5,000 from a store in Fanwood.

Surveillance camera of woman taking dress from bridal store (WNBC TV)

A surveillance camera captured the woman, who was wearing a red or pink dress, carrying the garment from Sheng Couture on Sept. 28. A child was walking behind her.

"We put them in the fitting room to try on -- they had a kid, they had a teenager -- they were there to distract us," co-owner Chamroen Seng told WNBC TV. "The kid asked for my wife to go buy pizza and go buy a drink," said Truong. "We say, 'This is a boutique store, not a restaurant.'"

Six women in the party stayed in the dressing room, blocking the view of the owner. The woman who stole the dress walked out of the store.

Police believe the woman is in her 30's.

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