Whenever I walk into my local big-name department store...I make a bee-line to the "entertainment" department to check out what's new on dvd! And, hopefully, its on sale!Despite "on demand" and Netflix and hulu (among other sites), companies keep putting out our 1980's TV favorites on dvd! Call me "old fashioned," but I still like to hold movies and music in my hand (and store it on a shelf), versus the "cloud."

Here are a two of the "new" box sets that I have spied!

Maligned....and out of focus. (Craig Allen photo).

I couldn't believe it when I saw the (much maligned, and short-lived) "Joanie Loves Chachi" on dvd! The show ran for two abbreviated seasons, from 1982-1983.

The "Happy Days" spin-off followed the exploits of the two characters, as they moved to Chicago, to pursue a music career. Maybe, its been released in this format because it isn't running on one of those "retro" channels. Plus, "Happy Days" debuted in 1974 (40th anniversary).

Above: Does Chachi still love Joanie? Really, how about a possible reunion show...at the 2 minute mark.

"Perry Mason," Big 80's style! (Craig Allen photo)

On one of those "retro" show cable channels, I've been seeing ads for the "L.A. Law" dvd box set. "McKenzie, Brackman" practiced law from 1986 thru 1994 . Along with improving lives of countless clients, we can also thank the fictional law firm for bringing back a grown-up "Laurie Partridge" (Susan Dey).

What new 80's dvd releases have you seen lately?

What 80's box sets do you already own (and watch over and over)?

What 1980's TV faves would you like to see released on dvd?

"Chime in" below!

And, Happy Viewing!