The governor tweeted out a ridiculous report of "cases" and deaths on Tuesday in order to convince you that we are in the midst of a crisis and it's your fault.

Welcome to Day 241 of 15 to stop the spread.

Of course as per usual with this governor, he offered no context. No discussion of how long people have been in a hospital or what illness brought them to visit in the first place. He's only reporting "cases" while we've had more than 5 million tests in New Jersey, and still our hospitals are for the most part empty, or at least at their expected seasonal capacity. Actual hospitalizations and deaths are very low, especially as a percentage of the positive tests. If we just listened to the docs, we should be celebrating positive tests as a march toward herd immunity. But this governor would rather use the tests as a way to keep you down.

All of this recent noise is to signal a shut down which I suspect is coming next week. MVC offices closing again. Curfew for restaurants and all while we enter flu season. The gov and his cronies timed this perfectly to continue their reckless and deadly lockdown. With a PCR test that can be counted multiple times per person and is not an indicator of illness, they can keep this going indefinitely. Don't forget approximately 90% of the positive PCR tests are inaccurate as a measure of disease. Sad really.

A false metric that has changed over months in order to perpetuate power that many people believe the governor is exercising illegally. Job losses, suicides, drug abuse, domestic violence and child abuse, not to mention excess deaths from everything else that kills people every year. On the small business side, some estimate that half the restaurants in New Jersey will never open again.

Here's what I would do if I were governor:

Live your life. Open our businesses. See your family, yes, even the old ones. Let docs and our immune systems do what they do. COVID is like the flu except less deadly when it comes to younger healthy people. Lockdowns are more deadly than all of it. And the current lockdown strategy is actually working to delay herd immunity which is why humans have survived despite the failure to eradicate viruses from the globe.

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