The last week has brought a new term into our modern lexicon, "social distancing." We are encouraged to keep a safe distance from people in order to stunt the spread of the coronavirus.

The idea is to try and avoid the transfer of virus molecules from one person to another. It is a truly novel and noble pursuit. What is just as dangerous as the virus, IMHO, is the misinformation, panic and over emotional reactions to any news about the virus.

Might I suggest 'social media distancing'? Get the f*** off of social media and stop listening to every crackpot rumor, conspiracy theory and rant from any nut-job with a phone and a thumb.

Over the last four days you have probably been subjected to every kind of idiotic notion of what happened, what to do and what will be next. Might I also suggest you rely on and pass along only information from credible news sources. If you haven't already done it, download the NJ101.5 app. All the information you'll ever need about this or anything important in your world can be found there!

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