The entire state, unlike most of the world and other states, is stuck on the narrative of "preventing positive cases." The problem is there is no correlation to hospital visits and deaths as testing rises.

The original plan to "flatten the curve" was somewhat misguided, but at least it made some sense as we didn’t know what to expect. But now? Perpetuating fear based on a non existent health crisis? Even articles fanning the flames of fear by predicting "second waves" clearly show the facts and evidence that the virus peaked back in May. Keeping people afraid of leaving home? Acting as if other humans are some how toxic? Closing MVC offices for "deep cleaning"? Closing for one positive case? Why? Who is being helped?

Why is the government acting as if the only risk we should avoid is a positive coronavirus test? Knowing that for an overwhelming majority that a positive test is irrelevant and will likely not even result in symptoms let alone hospitalization and death? It’s ridiculous and further damaging our economy and ability to recover from the shutdown. More world leaders are waking up to the unnecessary and dangerous policy of "shut down". I am looking forward to the world eventually following the successful strategy in Sweden, but for now, we’ll have to suffer the fools elected to "lead" us in Trenton. Although I do wonder if NJ will wake up before it’s too far gone?

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