While the law to abolish the religious exemption for children’s vaccinations didn’t pass yesterday, it’s surely inevitable. After all, we’ve given over so much control to the government already that it’s just a matter of time.

My question is this: What’s next? We’ve overblown the danger of measles as though it’s anything more than any other childhood disease like flu or chickenpox which can cause death in very rare cases. Kids have died from flu. Will that vaccine be mandatory soon, too? Adults also die from flu and the most extreme symptoms of shingles and chickenpox too.

Should we all be mandated to be vaccinated? Schools aren’t the only places where there is close contact on a daily basis. Why don’t they require all of us to take every vaccine ever created? How about Gardisil for HPV? Will that be the next vaccine forced upon our kids? And let’s not forget about religious freedom. Does that freedom, guaranteed by our constitution, not mean anything to anyone anymore?

The out of touch Loretta Weinberg, one of the sponsors of the bill to end religious exemption said “Though I understand the passion of those opposed, fundamentally, this is not a personal choice and in society it is the duty of healthy members to work together to protect those who cannot protect themselves.”

You’re, wrong Loretta. It IS a personal choice. How we parent and protect our children, as much as you’d like to take it away from us, is our choice.

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