Given the CDC numbers from Feb 1st thru April 25th projecting 37,000 deaths from corona virus, it’s clear this was not even close to as devastating as first explained by public officials. That plus the pediatric journal (reported by Bloomberg) confirming what the WHO has said for months - that kids don’t infect adults, it’s the other way around, the shut down should end.

When you add in the facts about the millions of local infections, based on nearly a million tests in the NY/NJ area and the low rate of death, it’s obviously time to open. And let’s not forget about the head of emergency medicine at St Barnabas in the Bronx who confirms that the peak was reached in the worst area in April 7th.

The ‘knucklehead’ thing is a distractions away from the carnage at our nursing homes and the fact that social distancing and masks have outlived their usefulness for healthy people.

Time to end the shutdown fully. And immediately.

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